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Become a member of the Gears+ (for alumni) or Club48+ (for friends and family) monthly giving programs to help sustain The Cavaliers and ensure another successful year! You contributions through the purchase of merchandise, event tickets, support during our year end and Drum Corps Challenge campaigns are valued, but consistent, monthly donations that the Cavaliers can count on, help to give us the flexibility to address our day-to-day needs while continuing to push to bring you and our students new experiences. 

For your generosity, we will begin a new series of benefits for you Gears+ and Club48+ members:

  • Offer you a window decal or a Standing Man magnet
  • Recognize you in a special section of our website
  • Provide you with special “insider” information prior to other alumni, family, and fans
  • Offer you invitations to events, prior to others, and some exclusive events, with discounts
  • Give a personal,10% all-year discount on any merchandise purchases made on-line or in person

Please consider becoming a monthly donor member of the organization at $10 a month or more.  Or you can increase your current level of giving if you have already been such a supporter.  

If you have any questions about our monthly giving programs, please reach out via email to

Thank you to our GEARS+ and CLUB48+ Members:

  • Albert Gore
  • Anne Allen
  • Bill Mugnai
  • Bob Beach
  • Brian Souders
  • Christopher Hartowicz
  • Dale Hallerberg
  • David Woods
  • Donald Heister
  • Donald Rasin
  • Doug Hess
  • Elizabeth Logan
  • Eric Camburn
  • Erik Harris
  • Jacqueline Gould
  • James Bennett
  • James Boyer
  • Jason Dimiceli
  • Jay Looby
  • Jeanne Murraye
  • Jeff Zimmerman
  • Jerald Zimmerman
  • Jeremy Logan
  • Jesse Crawford
  • Jim Tejcek
  • Joanne Leopold
  • John Underwood
  • John Ingram
  • Jonathan March
  • Jordan Waller
  • Joshua Logan
  • Justin Rowan
  • Justin Hartmann
  • Kaye Lange
  • Kristofer Borden
  • Lauren Allegri
  • Linh Schladweiler
  • Matt O'Brien
  • Mark Smith
  • Melissa Martinez
  • Michael Phillips
  • Michael Fath
  • Micheal Kott
  • Mick Stauffer
  • Nathan Gilstrap
  • Paul Milano
  • Rebecca Wood
  • Robert Jendras
  • Ron Rowe
  • Russell Philstrom
  • Sara Livengood
  • Sara Livengood
  • Sherrie Kinderdine
  • Timothy Barnes
  • Thomas Morris
  • Thomas Darst
  • Thomas Freeman
  • Thor Schumacher
  • William Theisen


Your charitable contributions to The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.